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6 days ago

Student Attendance Matters

Weed High School is committed to providing all students with an engaging and enjoyable educational experience so they can prepare for their future career and college experiences. Student attendance matters. Last year over 20% of our students were Chronically absent, meaning they missed more than 10% or 16 days of school. As a school community, we must improve this so our call to action is to ensure all students work to achieve an absenteeism rate of less than 5% or 8 days per school year. We need to work together to accomplish this for our students. Please start by reviewing  the following documents that outline the importance of attendance and how we can work to achieve this important goal for our students. 

Air Quality 

The smoky conditions are hazardous to the health of our students and staff. We are using the AirNow website that has monitoring stations in Weed and Mount Shasta to determine if it is safe to practice or have a outdoor competition. If the reading on the AirNow site is above (AQI) 150 Unhealthy, we will not have outdoor practice or competition. You can view the live monitoring at the AirNow site here:

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