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Weed High School

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    REMINDER:  Keep an eye on that Aeries account for any attendance or detentions you need to clear up!



    Doesn't chicken, green salad, beans, and bread sound great for dinner?  For only $15/person, you can support our WHS athletes and our athletic programs on Thursday, May 24th @ 5:00 p.m. in the horseshoe driveway at the school.  Find a student-athlete or call the school office (938-4774) to purchase tickets. There will even be a drive-thru dessert section! Tickets should be purchased by

    Minimum days this week

    Seniors will be giving their senior speeches after school on Wednesday and Thursday this week to panels of judges comprised of staff and community members.  Wish them all luck as they complete their senior projects!  We will be following our regular minimum day bell schedule, periods 2-7, with a 12:20 release.  Sack lunches will be available after school. 

    Blood Drive May 30th @ WHS
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    8th grade parent night

    Here is just a little bit of the information you missed if you didn't make it to the meeting on March 21st.

    We are Weed, We CARE!

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    About Us

    Weed High School is located in the town of Weed, California. Looming in the background of the school is the majestic 14,162 ft. Mt. Shasta. The mountain overlooks a town that was once a vigorous lumber-producing community. The economics have changed, but the environment still boasts the beauty of the Eddy mountains, the clean, crisp water of the Sacramento, Shasta, and Klamath rivers, and a multitude of wildlife that awe hunters, fishermen, and naturalists alike. This environment still affords some timber harvesting and invites plenty of outdoor recreational activity. Breathtaking scenery surrounds the campus and access to more natural beauty is never very far away. The school is far removed from urban life, but is fortunate to possess a diverse ethnic population of students. The student population mirrors the natural aesthetics of the school. The multi-ethnic, multicultural students at Weed High School respectfully and harmoniously relate to one another, giving a stunning campus an even greater sense of beauty.

    Weed High School received a six year accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) in 2012.