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Guidance Resources for Students and Family

Kelsea Ochs, Dean of Students is now in the College and Career Center in room 2 for better student access and works directly with student records.

We are waiting for our new Gear Up coordinator who will work with Kelsea. GEAR-UP/ College Options Inc. and can be found at at Weed HS in the College & Career Center (Rm 4). 



Senior class students have all received electronic copies of the available national, state/county, and local scholarships in a Google Sheet folder called 2022 Weed High School Scholarships. All parents and guardians can access this sheet.  Please check back on a regular basis as the scholarship information is always being updated. If you have any questions, need assistance, want clarification on eligibility, assistance on how to organize this process and/or want to set up a meeting please email or call the school and ask for Kelsea. 

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