Have you ever wanted to learn about math? No? Oh, uh, I kinda hoped you were gonna say yes. Let's pretend you said yes. I have got a great opportunity for you! Weed High School offers several, if not 4 math classes. Join us in Business math and you learn to navigate the confusing concepts of corporate math, learn those pesky things people say schools don’t teach like how to figure out how much you might pay when you buy a house, and also learn to budget for your future. In math 1 you will find out about the secret life of lines and how they can model a bunch of problems in the real world, and start your a-g requirements right here. (a-g requirements are requirements you need to meet if you want to go to a 4 year college right out of high school). In math 2 we enter the wide world of geometry where we will learn to think reasonably through problems, define terms that we will be working with, create reasonable arguments about how the world around us works, and study all the math that will be helpful in wood shop! Math 3 is the highest math that we offer before you have the ability to take math classes through our local junior college. In math 3 we discover new ways to work with parabolas, introduce students to several new (to them) functions to help model things like amount of substance left after 500 years of radioactive decay, amount of money in your retirement account after 30 years of savings and interest, how to find the height of trees around campus indirectly, and every concept they will find on a college math placement test. But don't take my word for it, listen to these testimonials from current students
“You need me to give you a quote?”

-Jayden “JJ” Smith

“Elephants are the only Mammals that can’t jump”

-Andwew Hiww

“What are we talking about?”

-Kylene Mitchell

-Mathew Mayberry

“So in 1972, that’s when it all went bad. See there was this one VW bus. It was going down this certain curve in Ventura County, and it exploded”

-Dawn “dish soap” Willis

“It’s good”

- Noah “Big Tuna” Tunnicliff