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2022/23 Athletic Participation

2022/23 Athlete Certification Process

We are preparing for the start of our full athletic seasons. Parents/guardians must complete the Athletic Certification Process prior to a student participating in practices and competitions.  To streamline this process, we have created an on-line certification process that includes all needed forms including:

-Physical Form - must be completed by your doctor and physically turned into the office
-Proof on Insurance - Scan or take a picture and email to Emily at, or bring to the office and we will make a copy of to have on file.

-Acknowledgement and Assumption of Risk - read and certify online
-Concussion Information Sheet - read and certify online
-Sudden Cardiac Arrest Sheet - read and certify online
-Athlete Committed Document - read and certify online

Please complete this process to ensure we have all of the required components to certify your student is ready for the athletic season.

Click on this link to review the above forms and certify that you have read, understand and agree to the conditions and information of each of the documents that are linked to the form:

 Start Here - Athletic Certification Process Link

Step 1 - Parent/Guardian and student must review all documents and enter your name in each of the areas on the form.

Step 2 - Use the WHS Physical Form to take to your doctor for your annual physical. Turn this form into the office.

Step 3 - Provide the school with your proof of insurance. You can scan or take a picture of it and email it to Kelsie at

Step 4 - Once we have the information from steps 1-3, we will provide your coach with information that you are certified and cleared to participate in practice and competition. You may not attend or participate in practice or competition until your coach receives the certification that you are cleared.

Please call the school if you have questions

WHS Coaching Staff

Swim Team:  

Rich Viturino


Kelly Dickinson, Katie Gunn


 Dirk Linder


Adam Groppi


Osa Traylor

Cross Country:

Eva Garcia-Mitchell 

Boys Basketball:

Robert West

Girls Basketball:

 Kent Cunningham

Ski and Snowboard:

Rebekah Sluss-coordinator


Josh Oates


Kelsie Brown

Track and Field:

Eva Garcia-Mitchell, Ben Stern


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