WASC Accreditation Process

During the 2017-18 school year, Weed High School conducted an accreditation self study and was visited by a group of educators from around Northern California. We are proud and excited to announce that because of our report and visit, Weed High School received a six year accreditation which is the highest accreditation term possible. We would like to thank our staff, students and parents who participated in this process. This is a confirmation that Weed High School is working to address the needs of our students and is preparing them for their futures. During the 2018-19 school year, we will be working to address and implement the Action Plan that was created from the accreditation process and will help us continue to improve our educational process and ensure we are meeting the needs of all our students. The action plan includes the following goals:

SCHOOL GOAL 1 : All students will be identified as college and career ready based on the CA College/Career Indicator - Increase A-G, career path, and college course completion, and our local measure/indicator of college/employability skills. Strategy: As we define and implement a multi-pathway program that includes a pre-college pathway, a CTE pathway, and an alternative pathway, the administration and staff will develop common instructional practices and common language to improve the integration of content in alignment with standards. The pathways will focus on a student’s individual plan, needs, and future college and career goals.

SCHOOL GOAL 2: Increase English Language Arts and Math CAASPP scores (% of students reaching level 3 or 4). This includes closing the achievement gap that exists between our Economically Disadvantaged students, our identified subgroups, and our all student group, while raising the achievement of all students. Strategy: The administration and teachers will improve an assessment structure across all curriculum areas to provide clarity in determining proficiency of learning objectives and content standards. The assessment structure will include revision of our pyramid of interventions to ensure alignment of targeted services to unduplicated students, including remediation and tutoring services, additional support for college and career awareness and achievement of individualized goals.

SCHOOL GOAL 3: Continue to build relationships with students that will support the development of their individualized academic and future plans, improve the climate and culture, reduce absenteeism, reduce suspension rates, and support student voice as an integral part of a rich learning and decision-making process. Strategy: As we continue to revise and implement an advisory program that supports the development of relationships and the development of a student's individualized academic plan and college and career goals, the administration and staff will implement instructional strategies that will motivate and engage all students in the learning process. The advisory program will provide a venue for the college and career awareness and skill development activities as outlined in our advisory objectives.

SCHOOL GOAL 4: Increase parent/guardian attendance and participation in school-sponsored college and career planning, academic, extracurricular, and governance events and activities. Strategy: With the support and continued implementation of our Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) program, and improved communication with all stakeholders, we will seek to increase adult involvement and participation with our students’ high school experience.

We look forward to the 2018-19 school year and we will continue to seek your input and work to meet the needs of our students and ensure they are ready to meet their future goals, because WE CARE!